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   The Wrappon Green is a compact and lightweight anodized aluminum portable toilet that uses our proprietary continuous roll of 5-layer film to hermetically seal waste and odor in individual polyethylene bags, no sewer or water necessary. This leaves you with a clean and sanitary environment after every flush. The Wrappon utilizes a special super absorbent coagulating powder to deodorize and decontaminate the waste.


   Weighing approximately 12 kg, the Wrappon can fold up to about the size of a carry-on suitcase, making it easy to take to a remote site or store it for emergencies/disaster situations. Normally powered by 110V AC, during an emergency it can be powered by battery, the 12V DC outlet from your car/boat/camper, or with a solar powered option.


   The Wrappon is the safe and portable alternative to the more common off-grid propane toilet and the one of the most cost effective long term sanitary solution for remote sites. The Wrappon Green portable toilet can be used in nearly every situation whether that be an emergency, a day on the boat, a fun outing with you family, or for the convenience of an elderly or injured loved one. Providing a safe and clean environment in any of these situations is always a welcome convenience. Let us show you how Wrappon can help you.

For disasters, emergencies, outdoor companions, and nursing care
Portable toilet that can be used in various situations
Wrappon Leisure 
Wrappon in Boats and RVs


The Wrappon Toilet System wraps and seals waste material in individual packets for easy disposal and sanitation. The wrapping material is a continuous roll of polyethylene plastic that creates the toilet “bowl” and feeds through the bottom where it is hermetically heat sealed creating a single use disposable waste pouch. 

These individual pouches are what give the Wrappon Toilet System the perfect attributes for smaller boats and RVs that cannot support holding tanks. These waste pouches provide simple disposal and allow the toilet to be clean and ready if used only once per trip or all day by many users. 

The Wrappon Toilet System operates off of 12V power meaning it can be hardwired directly into a boat or RV’s standard power supply. The mechanical components of the system are easily custom mounted in any space allowing the unit to be concealed until it is needed for use. 

Wrappon in Action



OSHA regulations state job sites, not provided with a sanitary sewer, shall be provided with toilet facilities. Most people think of portable toilets as being smelly, dirty, and disgusting. Overall just an unpleasant experience, but it doesn't have to be that way. With the Wrappon, toilet facilities stay clean and sanitary while allowing mobile workers to stay close to the worksite without needing transportation to be readily available to go to nearby toilet facilities.



Most regulations state that miners should be provided toilet facilities at locations that are compatible with the mine operations and that are readily accessible to mine personnel. The portability and lack of dependence on a water or sewer line means the Wrappon can be installed at almost any location with ease and can be transported and ready to go at a new location in a matter of minutes, if necessary. Because of its innovative design, the Wrappon can stay clean and sanitary with little to no maintenance making it the perfect solution for many mining operations.

Tower Cranes

Tower crane operators must work inside a control room all day long. Taking breaks, eating meals and using the restroom all take place inside the control room by necessity. While operators have trained their bodies to seldom require a toilet break while working, it is still essential to have  toilets available. Operators can come down to relieve themselves, however, valuable time is lost. At approximately 17"L x 18"W x 17"H when installed, the Wrappon's compact form allows for a sanitary environment for the user to relieve themselves within the control room with little to no maintenance and very simple installation; without requiring water or sewer. By improving the work environment productivity is increased.

Elderly Care / Nursing

Toilet assistance can be very burdensome on both the caregivers as well as the care receivers. The main grievances are odor, unsanitariness, and the  time and labor involved in cleaning the waste receptacle of typical commodes. With the Wrappon, the grievances of toilet assistance are eliminated making for a much more stress free environment for the both the caregiver and the care receiver. 

Emergency Response


Natural disasters can bring destruction that can last for years. Many times, sewage and water lines are damaged leaving restrooms unusable. When the period of evacuation lasts for an extended period of time, sewage treatment capabilities and sanitation levels continue to decrease. The sanitary operation of the Wrappon prevents the spread of infectious diseases while the compact lightweight form allows the toilet to be easily stored and setup virtually anywhere in minutes.

First Responders/ Disaster Recovery

With roads and sewage systems often incapacitated in the aftermath of an environmental disaster, first responders and disaster recovery workers are often required to work in many locations that have little to no sanitation options. This problem is often exacerbated when conditions make it impossible for port-a-potties to be delivered and/or serviced. The Wrappon resolves this problem with its ability to be hand-carried to any location. Hermetic sealing of each individual waste bag means moderate long term storage of waste is not an issue, allowing waste to be managed at a more convenient time.

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