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The Wrappon Toilet DC Power Cable is made from flexible heavy gauge cable that easily connects the Wrappon Toilet to your vehicles 12 volt cigarette adapter. The cable is over 30 feet long to accommodate running the cable out of the vehicle and to the toilet nearby where it can be placed in a privacy shelter. A power switch is located near the toilet side of the cable so the system can be turned off when not in use preserving your vehicle’s battery charge and preventing any ambient draw. 

Wrappon DC Car Cable

  • ! Caution when using !

    Connect to 12V DC only

    Do not wet at switch as it may cause fire/serious injury/death

    Avoid Water/Rain as it may cause fire/serious injury/death

    Take care to not completely drain the car battery

    • 10 meter DC Cable w/ inline switch
    • 10 amp AGC Fuse (inside DC plug)
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