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Micro Thermal Imaging

The Owlift Type-A is a compact, uncooled, long wavelength infrared, microbolometer, USB Video Class 1.0 (UVC) thermal camera that is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Android (root rights and/or changing of Android Rom data is not required). It is a very simple UVC device which transfers infrared(IR) data to a USB host(PC/Mobile Device), and the USB host calculates the IR data. This architecture has led to its compact size and light weight as well as it's capability to add new features by just updating the software on a USB host.

Apps, Libs (SDKs) : Free of charge!

We release apps and libs (including SDKs) free of charge. We also release updates for the apps and libs that add new features or improved performance without charge whenever it is necessary. Anybody can develop a unique IR camera system e.g. displaying, recording, analyzing and broadcasting by adopting the libs.

Hardware Requirements

NOTE: The original resolution of the device is 80x60. However, the resolution displayed by OWLIFTCap is 240x180 because the frame is magnified and anti-aliased from the original resolution. The resolution for a still image is also 240x180.


   1. OWLIFT Micro Thermal Camera

   2. USB cable

  • USB cables are not supplied with OWLIFT. Please prepare them by yourself.

    • For connecting to PC : A micro USB host cable (A male to micro-B male). Please see the figure “For connecting to PC”

    • For connecting to Android : One of the followings.

      • A micro USB host cable (A male to micro-B male) and a micro USB host adapter cable (micro B male to A female). Please see the figure “For connecting to Android(1)”.

      •  A micro USB host cable (micro-B male to micro-B male). Please see the figure “For connecting to Android(2)”. Please notice that this cable has directionality, so the connector of the specific side is valid for an Android device.

   3. PC with Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 Ø One USB2.0 port is required. Ø Memory recommendation: 200Mbytes free Ø Disk recommendation: 50Mbytes free


   4. Mobile Device running Android 4.0 and up

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