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The Owlift Type-A is a compact, uncooled, Long Wavelength IR, microbolometer, USB Video Class (UVC) thermal camera that is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Android (root rights and/or changing of Android Rom data is not required). It is a very simple UCV device which transfers infrared(IR) data to a USB host(PC/Mobile Device), and the USB host calculates the IR data. This architecture has led to its compact size and light weight as well as it's capability to add new features by just updating the software on a USB host.

OWLIFT LWIR Micro Thermal Camera

    • Resolution: 80x60 pixels @ 8.6 fps
    • Sensor: Uncooled VOx microbolometer
    • FOV: 63.5°
    • HFOV: 51°
    • Interface: USB 2.0 (microUSB), UVC1.0
    • Size: 42(L) x 22(W) x 13(H) (mm)
    • Weight: 10g
    • Supported OS (Added consecutively): Windows, Linux and Android
    • Spectral Range: LWIR, 8 to 14μm
    • Measurable Temperature Range: -5 to 130℃ (Operating environment or measuring objects might influence the measurable temperature range or the measuring accuracy.)
    • Thermal Sensitivity: <50 mK (0.050℃)
    • NETD (Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference): 0.05℃
    • Acquirable Temperature Unit: 0.01℃
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