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FCS-HD8236 IP Network Camera

The small, light-weight form factor and standard power options make the FCS-HD8236 an ideal option for both new integration and retrofits. Built to endure austere environments, the FCS-HD8236 will stand the test of time. Let S.E. Technologies provide the camera with upgraded optics, defined interfaces and more to easily update your current products and provide them with a long lifespan and a wide array of features. The FCS-HD8263 was designed to work and designed for you!

The FCS-HD8236 provides a highly customizable full HD block camera that can easily integrate into proprietary designs. S.E. Technologies makes these customizations simple while allowing for a wide array of package styles and interface options. The FCS-HD8236 utilizes Panasonic’s 34220 1/3” image sensor offering excellent image capturing in low light (0.05lux) environments. Built on Panasonic’s proprietary pixel architecture, the FCS-HD8236 offers high sensitivity 1080p Full HD video at 60 frames per second (FPS). With H.265 Main-profile, H.264 Hi-profile & M-JPEG compression this system can be adapted to meet most any requirements.

Inclusive with 36x optical zoom and paired with Onvif® 2.4 compatibility, this block camera is ready for integration into a fully functional security camera system. The FCS-HD8236 paired with S.E. Technologies’ ability to custom tailor our camera systems offers endless possibilities for your projects. This versatile camera system is strategically designed to replace several block cameras that have recently become unavailable. Transitioning your project to the FCS-HD8236 will offer cost savings and rapid turnaround times compared to moving to entirely new camera systems.

FCS-HD8210 IP Network Camera

The FCS-HD8210 comes with many features including a wide array of protocol compatibility, the ability to operate multiple users in both its main-stream & sub-stream, camera control through mobile device operating systems including Android & iOS, and a wide 68° FOV. It is paired with the Hi3516C V200 image signal processor enabling intelligent video analysis functions such as motion detection, perimeter defense and video diagnosis capabilities.

If form factor is a major constraint and the need for project specific optimization is inhibiting growth, look no further than the FCS-HD8210. Together with S.E. Technologies integration expertise, we can provide you with a high definition imaging system to meet your requirements.
The FCS-HD8210 offers many of the same features as the FCS-HD8236 but in a significantly smaller form factor. Measuring in at a compact 66x46x40mm, S.E. Technologies can help you integrate this robust block camera system into the most demanding of environments. We further our customization capabilities by allowing for a wide array of design styles and interface options.

The FCS-HD8210 utilizes Sony’s IMX323 1/3” image sensor offering excellent image capturing in low light (0.05lux) environments. Built on Sony’s Exmor® architecture, the FCS-HD8210 offers a two-step noise reduction and high-end performance at 1080p Full HD video at 30 frames per second (FPS). This combined with H.264 compression, this camera system can be adapted to most any requirements. Paired with 10x optical zoom capabilities and Onvif® 2.4 protocol compatibility, this block camera easily integrates into a fully functional security camera. S.E. Technologies also helps our customers pair the FCS-HD8210 with improved optics and PTZ functionality to fulfill more demanding requirements in your camera system.


The FCS-HD8210, like many of S.E. Technologies’ cameras, is designed to provide a simple replacement for other discontinued camera systems. Costly redesign of products to fit the newest technology is rarely the best solution for your project or your customers. Ask about integrating our camera solutions to your needs and keep your supply chain up and functioning while keeping your customers happy!

FCS-UHD8800 / FCS-UHD8830 4K IP Network Camera

The FCS-UHD series cameras are compact and robust 4K UHD (3840 x 2160p @ 30fps) camera systems that were engineered to be dependable, compatible and simple to operate. Paired with S.E.T.'s capability of integrating a multitude of  custom design options, the FCS-UHD series cameras can be tailored to customer requirements.

While the FCS-UHD8830 comes with a 30x optical zoom lens; with its industry standard CS lens mount, the FCS-UHD8800 allows users to easily choose what lens is best suited for their needs.

The cameras allows the user to have a full range of operability to ensure all imagery is captured in crystal clear Ultra HD. The FCS-UHD8800/8830's has a simple RJ45 (Ethernet) connection with a PIP 12V DC power connector as the default network interface (can be customized upon request). This makes set up a breeze so you are up and running without headache.


The camera also has a relatively low minimum illumination at 0.63Lux (Color) to keep the camera working even at night! With options such as the Onvif® protocol, 30x optical zoom (arriving in the near future) and custom mounting choices, you can now turn your 4K security system into reality.

4K IP Network Camera Evaluation Kit is also available
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