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The Wrappon Film Roll cartridge is a patented 5 layer design of polyethylene plastic film and deodorizing resins that allow the Wrappon Toilet system to function. The film has unique sealing properties that allow it to permanently seal waste material, locking in all odor*¹. The film also acts as the toilet “bowl” and because it is fed through the toilet after each flush a new, clean bowl is loaded in between each use. The film roll comes with approximately 50 flushes per roll and is marked “STOP” when the roll nears the end so the user knows when it is time to replace. In addition, because the film is made of polyethylene, it emits no harmful gases when incinerated. Thus, the wrapped and sealed bags can be disposed of in the same way as disposable diapers*². Fifty uses per roll

Wrappon Film Roll

SKU: C0F150C1B
    • Disposable Continuous film roll
    • No Water or Sewer necessary
    • 50-55 uses per roll
    • Can be incinerated
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