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an S.E.T. Group Subsidiary

S.E.Technologies Limited USA

Manufacturing, Distribution & Product Development Services since 2004

S.E. Technologies Limited provides industry leading contract manufacturing services with global distribution capabilities and product development services for an array of industries including:​

  • Visual Imaging and Security

  • Consumer Electronics

  • Casino Gaming

  • Cash Handling

  • Emergency Management

  • Outdoor Sporting Goods.


Our expertise and equipment provide unparalleled results in production while our engineering team can help you save time and money by taking your design and streamlining the manufacturing process for large volume runs.

If you require mass production capabilities, help developing a new product or have interest in our product lines, we would be happy to assist and help make confusing simple! Request additional information or a free quote today!

Working with SET

Customer Experience

Service, communication and understanding: Our pillars to success!

At S.E. Technologies we strive to always deliver world class customer service. Fast response, qualified answers and our top-notch support personnel offer our customer base a personalized touch to each and every project. With specialists spanning all of our lines of business, we have the right person and knowledge to help with your business' requirements. We pride ourselves on next day shipping for our distribution customers and holding to quoted lead times for our manufacturing clientele. This allows our customers to meet their customers' needs on time, in budget and beyond expectation.

Global Footprint

Help where you need it when you need it.

Our global capacities allow us to serve customers on 6 continents. We have offices, warehouses and manufacturing facilities strategically located throughout Southeast Asia and North America. Through years of industry knowledge we have established solid distribution channels to help promote goods in areas not directly serviced by our offices. Our network of in-house and 3PL experts help us guarantee delivery on time, in budget and beyond expectation.


Always our top priority. Always the right choice.

Our quality standards at S.E. Technologies are what drives our "Continuous Innovation" mission statement. Our values are derived from the Japanese "5S" principles and it is these principles that help us to hone our skills everyday. The cycle of learning, testing, modifying and improving touches everything we do leading our customers to lean and precise results. Our company complies with ISO in several standards and usually have the ability to certify to any standard that your project may need. Our project management team knows the importance of meeting schedules is our most important goal. Providing accurancy, quality and timliness allows our customers' projects to be on time, in budget and beyond expectations

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