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The stout design of the CAT-CXA046 was engineered to compliment the MCU-OV5645’s compact size while maintaining functionality and versatility. Thus making it easy to incorporate into equipment requiring small form factor.

The MCU-OV5645 utilizes the OV5645 image sensor. Built on OmniVision's 1.4-micron OmniBSI™ pixel architecture, the OV5645 offers high performance 1080p Full HD video at 30 frames per second (FPS), 720p HD video at 60 FPS and 5-megapixel photography. The MCU-OV5645 also offers complete user control over formatting and output data transfer.

The connection between the sensor unit and the Interface board is a 20mm flexible PWB with a B to B connector direct soldered. This connection allows for user-friendly assembly and upgrades as new sensors and interfaces become available.

MCS-CX5 HD Micro Block Camera

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